The Practical Designer

Jan , 26
The Practical Designer

A new year begins full of new firsts…like this blog for example!

Let me introduce myself, I am the PRACTICAL DESIGNER. I hear the collective gasp from the audience…PRACTICAL and DESIGNER used in the same sentence! Impossible, preposterous, you say? Believe me, it’s true, I am an anomaly! Blessed with talent and a keen eye for design with my heels firmly planted in the bottom line. That’s me! Most designers run screaming from a project at the mere mention of the word BUDGET. Not me folks! If there isn’t a budget I will create one because unlike the norm…I believe the budget is the compass that will guide me through a successful project.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m the first to appreciate beautiful creations from cutting edge designers and would be a kid in a candy shop to have only no budget projects! I guess this is the irony of me…I appreciate the finer things but prefer to make the most of the resources that we have and can realistically acquire.


That’s it in a nutshell. I’ve always been and will always be THE PRACTICAL DESIGNER!

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