How Long Does it Take To Renovate a Kitchen?

Jan , 26
How Long Does it Take To Renovate a Kitchen?

I am often asked, ‘How long does it take to renovate a kitchen?’ Or more specifically, ‘How long will it take to renovate MY kitchen?’

We have all seen the TV shows where they somehow manage to renovate someone’s entire kitchen in the time it takes to get a new haircut and shoes. Or they transform a drab old, dark, non-functioning kitchen into a beautiful gleaming white space in what appears to be less than a week.

These unrealistic examples can make the real life experience seem downright lengthy but don’t let them keep you from exploring your options. In this post we will look at how long it takes to renovate a kitchen, depending on your budget and the scope of work done. That gorgeous, gleaming white kitchen can be yours. It may take more than the time it takes to get your haircut but you might be happily surprised to see how much you can get done. If you start now, you could be ringing in the new year in your own new kitchen!

Stock Cabinets and no footprint change: +/- 8 weeks*

2 weeks design
6 weeks from demo to construction

If your project involves using stock cabinets and the footprint of the kitchen doesn’t change, we may be able to get you into a new space in about 8 weeks.

For example, if we are swapping in new stock cabinets and appliances that will be in the same location as they are now, that will speed up your timeline. If we need to move the sink or create an island with a sink in it, that may slow us down. But fast is not always better. Often, the wait will be worth it!

An example of a project like this was in Bridgewater Township late last October. We were met with the challenge of completing our installation in time for Thanksgiving. This tight schedule required highly synchronized trades and materials. We began demolition on November 1st and grouted the last bit of tile Thanksgiving morning! Mind you, I do not recommend such a tight timeframe but with the right team, anything is possible!

As you can see from the photos below, using stock cabinets can still totally transform your kitchen’s look and deliver a stunning result.

Stock Cabinet Kitchen Reno – BEFORE
Stock Cabinet Kitchen Reno – AFTER

This approach might be a good fit if you have a tight budget, are looking to get your place in shape before the holidays or to update the kitchen before listing your home for sale.

We have a large selection of stock cabinets available at our WVFC Showroom. Set up an appointment to see what we can do for you in this time frame.

Semi-Custom Cabinets and/or minimal footprint change: +/- 12 weeks*

4 weeks design
8 weeks from demo to completion

Semi-custom cabinets are those that are stock with minor modifications to adapt to the dimensions of your space.

This type of project can give you a whole new look in a fairly short amount of time. Our designs can do magic when it comes to making spaces function better for you and your family.

We take pride in our interior planning services, and design expertise. We work with you to really understand how you currently use the area and how you hope to improve it. Our customized solutions will make the most of your space and budget. Clients are often amazed by the creative and unique options we come up with by thinking outside the box.

This approach is ideal when you cannot afford the time or cost of adding an addition but want an end product that will enhance your lifestyle as well as your home’s value.

An example of a project like this is a kitchen we are currently installing in a large home in a prominent local development. Our client is a single dad looking to sell in a few years but knows his kitchen needs updating. While his college age kids still come home for holidays and summer breaks, a new kitchen will allow them to enjoy their parties and social events now and create a desirable space for prospective buyers in the future.

In this project, we extended the island to increase seating and to allow for more work surface adjacent to the cooktop. We concealed the microwave which freed up counter space and also enlarged the kitchen sink window to address the client’s desire to have an open view to his backyard and beautiful landscape. The window was designed to coordinate with the existing style by providing a clear picture window centered, flanked by side windows with divisions. This allowed for more natural light and an open view while still working with the home’s existing window style.

The drawings and 3D images shown here were used to help us illustrate to the client the different combinations of finish options available. Creating these images can take some time but we find them immensely useful to help our clients envision their final result. We are here to help when you are ready to design and build your dream kitchen.

Semi-Custom Cabinet Kitchen Reno

Custom Cabinets and/or full new addition: 16 weeks +

This type of project is a real commitment but time and again, we have clients attest to how much it is worth it!

These renovations can involve new additions and the reworking of the kitchen circulation. We can relocate sinks and build new islands, add half baths, full baths, mudrooms, laundry areas, full new master wings – the sky’s the limit! These projects are exciting and demand a significant amount of expertise, time and attention.

Kitchen renovations like this can change your life – making space for your family and enhancing your quality of life while substantially increasing the value of your home.

An example of a project like this is a cluttered, cramped and disjointed historic property that we transformed into a spacious, effortless and efficient retreat. The kitchen was not only small but it was working triple duty, trying to house food prep, dining and storage while also serving as the home’s command center. By working closely with the client and really listening to their needs, we were able to create a design that addressed all of their functions, in separate areas that tied together beautifully.

Projects like these can be overwhelming. The process is thrilling and exciting at first, chaotic during and immensely rewarding upon completion. Coordinating the work and making long lasting decisions on demand can often end in regret and disappointment when navigating it alone. Having professional guidance throughout the project is the key to success. Organizing the chaos and coordinating the details is what we do best.

Custom Cabinet Kitchen Reno

So, how long does it take to renovate a kitchen? It depends on your goals, your vision, your budget and your timeline. Give us a call today at 908.621.0559 to set up a consultation to see how we can help you transform your home. Understand, it will take longer than the time it takes you to get your haircut, but we assure you that you will be delighted with the end result!

*As of this writing, in August of 2020, our timelines are still being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of our ‘stock’ items are not as reliably ‘in stock’ as they were previously, especially those with international components. That said, U.S. produced custom lines are still available and able to be delivered in our typical time frames. Let’s discuss your goals, budget and timeline and work together to find a beautiful and well functioning solution.

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