Kitchens, bathrooms and spaces to enjoy
A beautiful home, that functions for YOUR family and lifestyle IS within reach!


Residential Interior Planning connects vision to reality. Beautiful Architecture is isolated without a connection to everyday lifestyles and home functionality. At J2 Design Studio we shape interiors to reflect the uniqueness of each individual client and ensure they are symbiotic with their surrounding architecture.


Equally important, when worked collaboratively with Architectural Planning, Interior Planning helps clients avoid the costly – and often heart-breaking – mistakes of overlooking functional considerations early on.


  • Architectural Plan Analysis
  • Electrical and Lighting Plan Evaluation and Design
  • Space Planning
  • Custom Cabinetry Design
  • Custom Kitchen Design
  • Fixtures, Finishes and Equipment Selection and Specification
  • Trade Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Delivery and Installation Coordination


Residential Interior Design is taking the blank canvas of your home and sculpting it into your own unique environment that suits your needs without any significant changes to the surrounding structure. At J2 Design Studio we make your dreams a reality while also helping you see what you might not have envisioned. We design spaces that welcome visitors and instantly makes them feel at home.


Not ready for a full renovation? Our team can take your blank canvas and sculpt it into a unique environment that reflects your personality and suits your needs without any significant changes to the surrounding structure.


  • Furniture Arrangement
  • Window Treatments
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Wall Finishes
  • Floor Finishes
  • Furniture
  • Floor Coverings
  • Artwork
  • Accessories


It starts with an idea and then a conversation. We then come up with some half-baked schemes, some of them will work, quite well I might add! We refine, we define, then we engage a great team and “SHAZAM!” Your dream becomes reality, your future is now. You built it, and they will come…family, friends, staff, clients.


The disruption a project might create is dependent upon the size and scope of what you are seeking to accomplish as well as your tolerance for navigating change. During a large renovation, we have had some families relocate to a short term rental or extended stay hotel.  Others choose to stay the course and find it exciting to be in the middle of the action. The emotional arc is typically “I can’t wait to get started!” to “When will you be finished?” to “I can’t stand it anymore!” and finally “This turned out even better than I imagined!” The big picture is whether your project takes two weeks or two years, change is uncomfortable to navigate. However, once completed, the time spent on the renovation is well worth the benefits and enjoyment you receive for years to come.

Depending on your project scope a renovation can take as little as six weeks or even more than a year or two. We approach projects from the perspective of a master planner, taking a global approach to what your vision is overall so we can build a step by step plan to achieving it. . Breaking the project down into budget conscious steps  spread out over an extended period of time allows us to plan for everything but execute in phases to optimize budgets and keep timelines in check.

We utilize evaluation and validation tools throughout our process to ensure our work aligns with your vision. Upon our first meeting, we ask targeted and in depth questions to get a better understanding of the clients needs. At the start of the project, clients gain access to a customized web-based digital design board that visually affirms our design intent and documents every decision for the client to see. Having access to our professional expertise and discerning eye ensures you will be absolutely thrilled with the results!

Many factors contribute to the cost of a project so this is a question that is not simple to answer without some specifics. Are you handy with the hammer and plan to invest some sweat equity to the process? Do you have time to search for those rare bargains or are you comfortable with installing a manufacturer’s discontinued fixtures for the cost savings? There are many ways to get creative with a budget and we are experts in this area. The key is to start with a number that is REALISTIC and then get creative. You can get the look for less but it takes the skill and resources  to execute it well. We are happy to schedule a time to discuss your specific needs and formulate a realistic budget for you. Just give us a call!

The majority of our work is in central New Jersey. Some of our clients do have second homes in other states or businesses with multiple locations scattered across the region. We have been known to work in Pennsylvania, New York and Florida and have the unique resource to file construction documents anywhere in the United States.


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