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Combining architectural, interior planning and interior design expertise to deliver beautiful, customized solutions to your residential and commercial challenges.



Whether you are looking for a new location, outfitting an office or  re-configuring your existing space, our experience and guidance help you get the most out of every square foot!


We enable businesses to maximize the efficiency and appeal of existing space, identify potential benefits or detriments of a new property prior to a long-term commitment and enhance and elevate their professional brand through an environment that showcases who they are.


    • Brand Representation and Development
    • Pre-lease Property Analysis
    • Staff Needs Analysis
    • Furniture Inventories and Needs Analysis
    • Space Planning and Development of Office Standards
    • Custom Millwork Design
    • Lighting Design
    • Sourcing, Selection and Acquisition of Finishes and Furnishings
    • Facilities Management Consultation Services


At J2 Design Studio we identify opportunities to maximize occupancy, streamline processes and increase efficiency, improving productivity and employee comfort. We identify and illustrate a path to these benefits through comprehensive floor plans and dynamic use of furnishings, finishes, textures and lighting.

Additional services which enhance your employees’ pride as well as your visitors’ comfort include:

  • Signage
  • Brand Coordination
  • Contract Furniture and Finish Selections
  • Color Scheme Options
  • Fixture and Finish Specifications
  • Presentations to Relay Design Intent to Staff
  • Facility Management Coordination
  • Installation Oversight


It starts with an idea and then a conversation. We then come up with some half-baked schemes, some of them will work, quite well I might add! We refine, we define, then we engage a great team and “SHAZAM!” Your dream becomes reality, your future is now. You built it, and they will come…family, friends, staff, clients.


Just contact us to schedule a call to get acquainted! A brief 15 minute call will serve to answer any questions you might have and for us to learn a bit about your project, budget and timeline. Then we can decide if you would like to schedule a more formal meeting in your home or office.

Collect and share images or online boards that illustrate your vision. Make a list of all the areas you would like to discuss. If your project involves more significant alterations that affect load bearing walls or alterations beyond your current footprint, a site survey will be requested. Be sure to have all decision makers at the initial meeting and any important project meetings.

This is dependant on the scope and scale of your particular project, use this guide for reference:

OVERALL OFFICE REFRESH – finishes only, no change in furnishings, walls or utilities / 6-8 weeks planning to completion

REMODEL – minor changes to walls, reconfiguration of furnishings / 12-15 weeks overall, planning to completion

RENOVATION – demolish and rebuild with all new finishes, fixtures and furnishings / 18-20 weeks

This is a question that can only be answered with confidence after consulting a few professionals, including an experienced commercial planner.

Real estate is not only about location, location, location, a realtor may find an abundance of commercial spaces a certain size, within a specific area but how do you determine which location is best? How do you ensure the space will be built with quality finishes and materials? Invite a design professional to walk the space with you and have a preliminary “test fit” drawn illustrating how your space might be planned. Ask for a lease review to add language ensuring quality materials are provided. These are just a few valuable services that will provide fundamental information to assist in making a confident lease decision.

A business expansion or relocation is a strategic decision that is intended to improve a business operationally, logistically and financially. Taking time to evaluate the benefits of either option is key to determining the right solution.

If limited space is the issue, often a re-evaluation of the use of your current space is all that is required to implement the desired improvements. A professional inventory and analysis of the use of a space can be an easy means of determining if a relocation is necessary.


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