Renovation Planning: The Best Time to Plan for a Home Renovation

Jan , 26
Renovation Planning: The Best Time to Plan for a Home Renovation

As the last leaf falls and the year is winding down, the holidays are fast approaching.  This time of year we instinctively playback the events and milestones of years past.  During the fast paced, hustle bustle of the holidays there is barely a thought to what the future holds.

Once the New Year arrives it takes a while to recover from our drunken holiday stupor.  As the fog begins to lift, ideas emerge…big plans and goals for the year are beginning to formulate in our minds.  If any of these plans revolve around home improvements, a panic might set in…Spring is not far off and you’ll need a plan and a price to make your dreams become reality!

Now is the Time for Renovation Planning

Although this may be the last thought on your mind during this season, late fall and winter is prime time for renovation planning.  It takes months of planning and decision making to be ready to execute a project regardless of the size.  Be prepared to begin your project come Spring by starting the process now before contractors are booked and demand is high for the materials and professionals you will need.

Some average time frames for common renovation projects are: Kitchen 3-6 months, Bathroom 2-3 months and a Room Addition 1-2 months. Of course these timeframes are subject to the complexity of each individual structure and its unique property restrictions. Often progress depends heavily on Mother Nature and proper renovation planning, i.e. whether key decisions and selections have been made in an organized and timely manner.

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