Master Planning & Design Center Re-Opened & Re-Engaged

Jan , 26
Master Planning & Design Center Re-Opened & Re-Engaged

It’s official! Businesses across our great state are now re-opened and re-engaged!

Here are the positive improvements you can expect from J2 Studio, LLP, your full service master planning and design center for your home or business:

Virtual or private at home consultations.

Your time is exclusively reserved for you and is dedicated to your needs and goals without interruption. Just a phone call or an online “click” away and your appointment is made. A pre-appointment planning call will be scheduled to ensure the comfort and security of an in person meeting or to optimize settings for a virtual one.

Secure field measures.

Our services will be tailored to your needs and your comfort is our top priority. Field measurements may be scheduled during off-peak times of occupancy and are taken utilizing laser technology whenever possible, minimizing the disruption of furniture or collections.

Remote design presentations and meetings.

Design concepts are delivered in a digital format and are presented through online collaboration tools like Google Meetings or Zoom. We will review every detail and develop the design together through our messages, chats and posts. In person presentations are always an available option, the choice is yours.

Virtual selection process.

An individual online design board will be created for your unique project and will record every concept, selection and decision. Access your designs from the comfort of your home, any time, day or night. Contribute and collaborate from your laptop or mobile phone, keeping up to date on the status of your project and capturing every idea so nothing will be overlooked.

Project estimating and management.

Our depth and breadth of resources and relationships is an asset you may choose to leverage for your project. Improvements can be overwhelming and complicated, let us take care of it all! From crafting the vision to budgeting and execution, your project will be efficiently coordinated and delivered on time and on budget with professional and exceptional results.

Simple approvals and ordering.

Just a “thumbs up” on your personalized design board is all we need to know what you like. Proposals and / or budgets will arrive in your inbox and your emailed confirmation will authorize us to place your order(s). All major credit cards are accepted and you are in complete control of your account by entering your information directly into our secure payment link. Special financing is also available for those interested in spreading costs over a longer term and cash or personal checks are also accepted forms of

Professional workmanship and installation.

Your project will be scheduled at a date and time that is pre-approved by you. Our trades will care for your property as if it were their own and will protect you, your environment and each other from any environmental or physical issue and will answer any question or concern.

At J2 Studio we are an award-winning interior design and planning team, well-trained in all aspects of construction and well versed in the nuances of kitchen and bath design and planning. If you would like expert guidance to build a new home or re-fresh and revitalize your existing kitchen, bath or home office, give us a call at (908) 621-0559 or email us at

We care about the health, safety and comfort of your and your family in these unusual times and offer virtual consultations. We will also adapt our services to accommodate any safety concerns you may have for times when we will be collaborating in person.

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