Interior Design Planning: Advantages of Planning Ahead

Jan , 26
Interior Design Planning: Advantages of Planning Ahead

In today’s fast paced, society of instant gratification it has become challenging to convince clients that “good things come to those who wait.” Today’s consumer just wants to go to a website, search, add to cart and check out to have items magically appear on their doorstep in a few short days.

A local contractor here in New Jersey promotes a “One Week Bathroom” which is exciting to the prospective client who immediately begins to dream that in one short week their bath will be dramatically transformed into the space of their dreams. The reality is, weeks and likely months of interior design planning have gone in to executing the “One Week Bathroom” which is actually an 8-10 week miracle. Fantasy becomes reality in REAL time.

So often people find the “perfect” product online only to be greatly disappointed when they discover it’s much larger, smaller, darker, lighter, heavier, uglier than the picture online. Hard earned money is wasted through impulse buying online.

Poor Interior Design Planning Leads to $15,000 Cabinetry Loss

I once met someone who had bought an entire suite of custom kitchen cabinetry that had been removed from a high end home because the style did not suit the taste of the new homeowners. The cabinets were barely 3 years old and the buyer was thrilled by the incredible bargain she had found. Due to a lack of proper interior design planning, the day they came with her “new” cabinets she discovered they were made to fit a space with 9ft. ceilings but her kitchen only went to 8ft., flushing her $15K bargain investment down the drain and compounding the loss when she had to find new cabinets to replace them.

My point is this: When consumers think “interior design” they think “expensive” until they realize they can’t install the $15K cabinets they thought were a bargain. My passion is to help people realize the value of hiring a planner like myself before they make expensive mistakes. We have worked long and hard to earn enough to invest in our homes – take some time for interior design planning and invest wisely.

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