I Hate My Kitchen!

Jan , 26
I Hate My Kitchen!

“I HATE my kitchen!” How often have you or your friends uttered these four words? Being in the design business I hear this statement ALL the time. When I hear “I hate my kitchen” I think “Great! Here’s an opportunity not only to beautify and improve your kitchen, but to also add tangible value to your home!”

This observation is based on many years of experience with interior design and planning. Early on in my career, I discovered that too often, interior designers were not consulted until the final stage of construction, when homeowners were under pressure to make decisions and selections of their final materials. Coming on to a project nearing the end of construction, I frequently found that very expensive mistakes had been made – but it was, at that point, too late to correct them. Often times the clients would say “I wish I had met you six months ago!,” as they began to regret some of the costly choices they had made.

After a few of these instances, I realized that a true value I could deliver to my clients was to become involved in the early planning stages of their design projects. By collecting and understanding all of the client’s goals, inspirations and visions from the outset, I could ensure that they would be effectively realized while optimizing their budget.

Kitchens are the most complex and expensive areas of the home and being the heart of the home, should support and serve the surrounding spaces. Planning is required from the very beginning to achieve the best results. Often on architectural drawings a rectangular space in the center of the plans is allocated and labeled “KITCHEN,” however, the detailed design of the kitchen is left out until after construction drawings have already been finalized and permits are about to be issued. Homeowners are often on their own, struggling to find a design to fit their plans instead of having a well thought out design incorporated from the start.

With our approach, your kitchen design is not an afterthought or a space that ‘fits’ the void. It is a space that is designed with your desires, your family’s needs and your budget in mind.

I often refer to our homes as the “largest single stock purchase we will ever make, serving us as we hold it and growing more valuable until we sell it”. To ensure the maximum return on this investment, it is essential to have an experienced and professional construction team in place, working collaboratively to craft plans from a holistic point of view.

Roadside cabinetry retailers and big box warehouses can fill your rectangle of space labeled “KITCHEN,” but a well-versed designer will delve deeper. They will inquire about your unique needs and goals for your home overall and will focus on improving the beauty and value of your property as a whole.

Transforming the words “I hate my kitchen” to the words “I LOVE MY KITCHEN” is no small accomplishment and is best done with the help of an experienced team of professionals. It is both an exciting and thrilling process as well as a nerve wracking one but oh so rewarding when family and friends gather to create new memories in your space, and additional dollars are in your pocket when it is time to sell!

Kitchen – BEFORE
Kitchen – AFTER

At J2 Studio we are an award-winning interior design and planning team, well trained in all aspects of construction and well versed in the nuances of kitchen planning and design. If you would like expert guidance to build a new home or re-fresh and revitalize your existing kitchen, give us a call at (908) 621-0559 or email us at . Whether you hate it now or not, we are sure you will LOVE your kitchen when we are done!

We care about the health, safety and comfort of your and your family in these unusual times and offer virtual consultations. We will also adapt our services to accommodate any safety concerns you may have for times when we will be collaborating in person.

Check back for our next discussion on transitioning your temporary home office into a more formal, functional area to collaborate, focus and reflect.

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