Energy Efficient Remodeling Tips

Jan , 26
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A few years ago I had my annual maintenance done on my furnace. The technician recommended we install a computerized regulator that could save us 15-30% by controlling when and how intensely the furnace fired to heat our home.  I was skeptical at first, but we went ahead with his advice.  Years later, that little control box has paid for itself many times over.

Home programming and automation can be implemented in many ways through smart homes which essentially translate your lifestyle into programmed and synchronized lighting scenes and daylight harvesting.  This, however, can be a substantial investment with far off returns.  Here are some practical energy efficient remodeling tips that can keep utility expenses in check while providing you with a warm and inviting home through long winter months:

Energy Efficient Remodeling Tips

        • Install a programmable thermostat, maximizing heat during the hours you need it most
        • Lower your temperature setting a degree or two
        • Install an energy economizer unit to extend the life of your furnace and regulate its energy consumption.  See
        • Install energy efficient windows
        • Install cellular shades, they can prevent as much as 62% of the heat transfer through a window
        • Use area rugs for beauty, comfort and insulation
        • Paint colors matter, light colors reflect heat keeping a room cooler, dark absorbs heat and warms a space
        • Install dimmer switches for lighting, intense light is only needed during short intervals of concentrated time
        • Install an exhaust fan timer which automatically shuts off after a preset period of time
        • Reverse the rotation of ceiling fans to draw air up and circulate the warm ceiling level air
        • Add a heat lamp to the bathroom
        • Locate stocked bookcases on exterior walls, providing additional insulation from the cold

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